VFX Services


5E is a highly proficient VFX digital imaging facility. We navigate effortlessly between the demands of feature films, streaming, television, specialty projects, large format, 2D, and 3D projects. Any resolution. Any file format. Any color space. We will execute your project to your precise specifications.


5E provides pixel-accurate rotoscoping. We handle roto for fine details like hair and are highly experienced in the subtle requirements of motion blur.

Our team is always developing new and innovative techniques to achieve your desired result.

Paint and Prep sterio paint

Our team is highly experienced in prep and clean–up work. We expertly at address any picture artifacts you may encounter. Wire removal, shadow removal, rig removal, equipment removal, crew removal, reflection removal. If you don’t want it in your movie, we can remove it and create a pristine clean plate.

Compositing (2D)

Chroma-key compositing (green-screen / blue-screen / any screen), monitor inserts, phone inserts, split screens, multiple-layer compositing, CG element integration, traveling mattes. We can handle all your compositing needs.


We excel at cosmetic adjustments. If you want a character to be younger, or older, or to adjust face appearance by removing blemishes or lines, we’ve got you covered.


Our team are experts at working with stereoscopic filmmaking techniques. Our roto and prep work can play a significant role in making your 3D conversion project a success.

Camera Object Tracking & Rotomation

We understand that the key to success in all VFX is tracking. We ensure that all camera and object tracking is pixel accurate. Whether the solution is achieved utilizing computer 3D tracking, or by the painstaking process of rotomation, we can track it. Lens distortion? No problem. No tracking points? We can handle that as well. Yeah, we can track that.


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